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회사명|Company Name
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Collection and use of personal information

Entry in the collected personal information to

Company collects the following personal information for registration, consultation and service application etc.

  • - Collection item : 이름|Name, 회사명|Company Name, 이메일|E-mail, 전화번호|Telephone, 국가명|Country, 제목|Title, 내용|Enquiry / Comments, Attached file
  • - Personal Information Collection Methods : Website(Sign Up)
Collection and use of personal information object

Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

  • - Settlement Price of the contract relating to services and service delivery

    Purchase, payment, shipment or billing

  • - Member Management

    I checked in accordance with the subscription service, personal identification, poor members of the illegal use prevention and unauthorized use prevention, confirmation of enrollment, age verification

Personal information retention and availability

The company will destroy that information without delay, without exception, after the collection and use of personal information purpose has been achieved.